This heatwave calls for a cocktail or two. Fortunate for us, Truffle Social commissioned us to shoot and edit a series of Cutty Sark Whiskey cocktail-making videos to inspire old consumers and new to get creative with their selection of Scottish Whiskeys.

Lit like an old western – shot high-res and in slow motion, we spliced together the process and later speed-ramped moments of our mixologists moves.

Check out a selection of short how-to videos and cocktail recipes below:

A good old fashioned never goes out of style! 🔥

See below for the Old Fashioned recipe:

🔥2 dashes of bitter
🔥1 sugar cube
🔥5mL sparkling water
🔥Orange zest

Pour bitter on a cube of sugar in a rocks glass. Add sparkling water and stir until the sugar is nearly dissolved. Fill the glass with 1 or 2 large ice cubes and add Cutty Sark Whisky. Express the oil of an orange peel over the glass, then drop in.

Are you looking for a timeless cocktail? 🥃

Our whisky has appeared in Raging Bull, Goodfellas, The Sopranos, Mad Men, and Sex and the City. In fact, you might call us a Hollywood A-lister. 🤩

See below for the Rob Boy recipe…

🥃 5cl Cutty Sark Prohibition Whisky
🥃 2 cl. Sweet Vermouth
🥃 Dash of orange Bitter
🥃 Fresh Orange
🥃 Amaretto Cherry

Method: Combine ingredients into shaker. Shake and pour into cocktail glass filled with ice and garnish with an orange peel! 🍊

In the 70s, the godfather was a hit because it was just scotch and amaretto mixed together! If you haven’t experienced it with Cutty Sark, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Follow the instructions below!
💥 4cl Cutty Sark Prohibition Whisky
💥 2cl Amaretto Liqueur
💥 Ice

💥 Fill the tea cup with a few ice cubes.
💥 Pour Cutty Sark Prohibition Whisky and amaretto liqueur over the ice.
💥 Stir lightly with a mixing spoon.

It’s time to shake up your barbecue!

This cocktail caters to all palates with a hint of fruit and a touch of bitterness. Don’t forget to share with your fellow captains who need to try this cocktail!

See below for our Captain Cutty recipe…

⚓️3cl Cutty Sark Original Whisky
⚓️Dash of orange Bitter
⚓️Pineapple Syrup
⚓️Fresh Mint

Method: Combine ingredients into shaker. Shake and pour into tumbler glass filled with ice and garnish with Mint! 🍃

Shot in Nightjar with mixologist @desi_lanegra and DOP @benny_vl.