In December 2004 a tsunami ravaged the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, destroying Podi’s family home, business and fishing boat.

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Every penny of your contribution will support directly with:

The repairs to Podi the sea turtle conservationists family home that was badly damaged in a tsunami

  • Your money will help improve Podi and his family‚Äôs living conditions by contributing to the rebuilding of his main family house that was flattened by the tsunami.
Support the repair of a local business and sea turtle conservation programme
  • Your contribution will help Podi repair his family fishing boat, which was also damaged by the tsunami. A functional boat will also benefit the wider community of stilt fisherman in the region.
  • Your support will help Podi achieve his dream of opening his own beachside bistro restaurant and sea turtle awareness conservation programme.

Resources for the safety and security of sea turtle conservation work, supporting turtle survival rates each year

Save the turtles, whilst supporting Podi’s home and business, here.