It’s great to make a splash for all the right reasons. A few weeks ago, we joined forces with Aspire PR and a whole host of amazing guests that came together at the West Reservoir Water Sports Centre in London for the first-ever combined Moving Meets and Moving Communities event.

We supported with audio visuals to video capture the professionals and brands who are passionate about sports, the outdoors and wellbeing to discuss topics while on the move. See the event video that brings together communities for deeper discussions around the issues facing us today and in the future:

This combined event was all about doing more to promote body inclusivity and show that movement is for every body.

It was fantastic to see a group of like-minded people unite to explore important topics, share inspirational stories and find ways to make the world a better place through a shared passion for movement.

Layla Smith Founder and Managing Director of  Aspire PR says –

“For me, movement is everything.

I’ve seen the power it has to shape lives and bring positive change, whether you’re a professional athlete or someone trying to keep fit and healthy (physically and mentally).

Keeping physically active has helped me throughout my life. 

It’s instilled confidence, given me energy, made me feel equal, taught me discipline and led to many special relationships.

And to see this event and discussion come to fruition in our first combined event is magical.

A special thank you to the Aspire team for bringing the event to life and for all our new and old friends for embracing the open water. Also, Benny van Leeuwen from Beautiful Creations for the excellent video coverage and bringing such great energy. 

A big shout out to our host and panel:

    • Ella Foote – The editor at Outdoor Swimmer  
    • Tania Brown – Expert meditation/yoga guru 
    • Justyn Hollett – Influencer, specialist/wellness champion at Apple and Nike Pro trainer
    • Nicole Rose – Body image and mental health coach

If you want to be a part of the next Moving Meets or Moving Communities event, send Layla a message or contact Aspire PR