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Marine conservationist home, boat and sea turtle fundraiser

In December 2004 a tsunami ravaged the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, destroying Podi's family home, business and fishing boat. Watch the short fundraiser film in partnership with Munch project: Every penny of your contribution will support directly with: The repairs to Podi the sea turtle conservationists family home that was badly damaged in a tsunami Your money will help improve Podi and his family’s living conditions by contributing to the rebuilding of his main family house that was flattened by the tsunami. Support the repair of a [...]

Marine conservationist home, boat and sea turtle fundraiser2023-03-14T16:53:52+00:00

From Farm to Fork ~ Perfectly Dry Aged Beef

We travelled to the rolling hills of Exeter to meet with Jilly Greed who has since appeared on BBC Countryfile along with our aerial drone footage. It was fascinating to hear how Jilly's animal-welfare centric farming methods also encourage the natural ecosystem of the farm to flourish, whilst improving the quality of her product. Traveling back up to FairFax Meadows in North-East London we met with Casterbridge Beef front-man Rob Sheers who introduces us to the new technologies and age-old processes used to produce perfectly dry-aged beef. Check out the short documentary film: [...]

From Farm to Fork ~ Perfectly Dry Aged Beef2023-02-22T09:52:27+00:00
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