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The Power of Story: Our Documentary Filmmaking Services

Looking for a way to capture your organisation’s story in a visually stunning and compelling way? Why not consider our documentary filmmaking services.

We’ve worked with a wide range of organisations, including The Times, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, MTV, EDF Energy, Hospice UK, and various charitable causes, to unpick real stories with heart and wrap them into visually stunning documentaries that capture the essence of the subject at hand while weaving in key messages.

Take a look at some of our video productions to see how we can bring your story to life:

Johny Dar: A web series documentary that explores the power of wearable art and its ability to empower and connect individuals. 

We collaborated with Nike to produce video advertorials featuring Olympic athletes Katarina Johnson-Thompson discussing the importance of nutrition, body and mindset for optimal sports recovery. Featured on Women’s Health and Runner’s World, the videos showcase Nike Joyride trainers’ unique cushioning technology.

Podi: A documentary about the last stilt fisherman in Sri Lanka who is also a sea turtle conservationist. The film served as a fundraiser for Podi’s Tsunami relief fund, supporting repairs to his family home, fishing boat, and local business. Thanks to the documentary’s success, Podi was able to rebuild his life.

Hospice UK’s #PeopleNotPatients: A short film that highlights the Open Up scheme by Hospice UK, which broadens opportunities for people to receive personalised end-of-life care.

Experience Matches Fashion’s highlights at London Frieze Festival through our captivating documentary series showcasing interesting stories, short interviews, and social media communications.

Experience a glimpse into the production of corporate communication videos for EDF Energy on the Hinkley Point C project, featured in the UK Houses of Parliament.

Dear Britanny”: A cancer survivor’s message urging pro-euthanasia campaigners to reconsider ending their lives prematurely. Watch Marcel Schreur’s powerful testimony on the importance of hope and the ever-evolving treatments for illnesses.

Exploring the world of farming and agriculture: From Jilly Greed’s animal-welfare centric farming in Exeter to the cutting-edge technology used to produce dry-aged beef at Casterbridge Beef in North-East London.

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Our team of expert filmmakers is dedicated to crafting stories that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking to promote a product or service, raise awareness for a cause, or tell your organisation’s story in a memorable way, our documentary filmmaking services can help.

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